Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan

Volume 60 (2-3), 2018.
-Table of Contents-
Current Topics in Crystallography
A Hollow Crystal Showing Photoinduced Scattering of Inclusions Like Impatiens Kingo UCHIDA 70
Crystal Chemistry of a New Li-analogue of Hydrous Pyroxenoid, "murakamiite" Mariko NAGASHIMA 72
Structural Analysis of a Protease-like Protein with DNA-binding Activity Ryoji MASUI 74
Bifunctional Electrocatalysis of Quadruple Manganese Perovskite Oxide for Oxygen Reactions Ikuya YAMADA, Akihiko TAKAMATSU, Hidekazu IKENO, Shunsuke YAGI 76
Introduction to Symmetry and Group Theory
Structure Relations and Construction of Structural Models Massimo NESPOLO 80
Review Articles
Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction Studies of Accurate Structure-Factors Measurement and Ab Initio Structure Determination Eiji NISHIBORI 88
Dynamics of Molecules in Crystals: X-ray Crystallographic Analysis and Development of Functional Materials Jun HARADA 96
Development of X-ray Data Processing System for Protein Microcrystals Keitaro YAMASHITA 104
The Patterson Function and the Development of a New Method for Quantitative Phase Analysis of Individual Crystalline Phases Using X-ray Powder Diffraction Technique Hideo TORAYA 113
Innovations in Nucleic Acid Structural Biology
DNA Structural Bio-Nanotechnology Jiro KONDO 121
Development of Aptamer Therapeutics and Structural Biology Taiichi SAKAMOTO 129
Crystal Structure of the DNA-binding Domain of the LysR-type Transcriptional Regulator CbnR in Complex with a DNA Fragment of the Recognition-binding Site Miki SENDA, Naruhiko ADACHI, Toshiya SENDA, Maharani Pertiwi KOENTJORO, Naoto OGAWA 135
Crystal Structure of Autotaxin Complexed with Inhibitory DNA Aptamer and Development of Treatment for Lung Fibrosis Kazuki KATO, Osamu NUREKI 113
Pendellosung Fringe Method, Composite Omit Map Eiji NISHIBORI 146
Plastic Crystal Jun HARADA
Micro-crystallography, Small-wedge Data Collection, Hierarchical Clustering Analysis Keitaro YAMASHITA
Quantitative Phase Analysis, Direct-Derivation Method, Patterson Function Hideo TORAYA
DNA Nanotechnology, Nanowire Jiro KONDO
B-Form DNA Helix Taiichi SAKAMOTO
Native SAD Phasing, MR-native SAD Phasing, Winged Helix-turn-helix Motif Miki SENDA
Autotaxin, Aptamer, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Osamu NUREKI
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