Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan

Volume 60 (1), 2018.
-Table of Contents-
Special Issue "Earth and Planetary Dynamism Revealed by Mineral Crystallography"
Earth and Planetary Dynamism Revealed by Mineral Crystallography Akihiko NAKATSUKA, Kazumasa SUGIYAMA and Yoshito GOTOH 1
Part 1. Microtexture in Minerals and Crystallography
Order-Disorder Transition in Majorite Garnet in Shocked Meteorites and Deep Earthfs Interior Naotaka TOMIOKA 2
Crystallization and Texturing of Diamond Formed by the Direct Transformation from Graphite Hiroaki OHFUJI 9
Crystallographic Analyses for Textures and Growth Processes of Minerals Toshiro NAGASE 17
Part 2. Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of Minerals in the Earthfs and Planetary Interior
Structural Study on Analogs of the Earthfs Interior Materials as a Function of Temperature — on CaGeO3 High-Pressure Perovskite Phase Akihiko NAKATSUKA 24
High-pressure Single-crystal X-ray Diffraction Study on Minerals Related to the Earthfs Mantle: Pressure-induced Phase Transformation of Spinel Minerals with Jahn–Teller Effec Atsushi KYONO 32
Phonon Properties by Inelastic X-ray Scattering Revealing the Structure of the Earthfs Interior Hiroshi FUKUI 40
First Principles Investigations of the Hydrous Minerals in the Earthfs Deep Interior Jun TSUCHIYA 48
Changes in Phases and Physical Properties of Gas Hydrates Under Low to High Temperatures and High Pressures and their Implications of Interiors of Icy Bodiess Hisako HIRAI and Hirokazu KADOBAYASHI 54
Order-Disorder Transition, Multiple Diffraction, Kawai-Type Multianvil Apparatus, Tschermak Substitution Naotaka TOMIOKA 62
Silica Mineral, Quartz, Moganite Toshiro NAGASE
Bridgmanite Akihiko NAKATSUKA
Spinel Geothermometer, Ulvospinel, MELTS Atsushi KYONO
Hugoniot Compression Curve Hiroshi FUKUI
Dense Hydrous Magnesium SilicateiDHMSj, PhyllosilicateiLayered Silicate, Sheet Silicatej, Mantle Jun TSUCHIYA
Filled Ice, Proton Ordering in Ice Structures Hisako HIRAI
CrSJ News 65