Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan

Volume 59 (6), 2017.
-Table of Contents-
Current Topics in Crystallography
Fragile Water in Water Nanotube Cluster Confined to Hydrophilic Molecule-Based Quasi 1-D Nanoporous Channels Makoto TADOKORO 275
Pseudo Mackay Clusters in the Al-based Approximants for the I Phase Quasicrystals Rayko SIMURA 277
Mechanism for Valence Fluctuation and Valence Fluctuation Induced Quantum Criticality Studied by X-ray Spectroscopy Masaichiro MIZUMAKI 279
Development of Database System for Structural Biology Beamlines in the Photon Factory Yusuke YAMADA 281
Introduction and Practice of Crystal Structure Refinement Using SHELXL-2014
5. Determination of the Structure and Space Group by SHELXT Shigeru OHBA 284
Special Issue: Development in Mineralogical Crystallography by using Neutron Diffraction
Studies on Partially Ordered State of Ice XV Kazuki KOMATSU, Ryo YAMANE, Fumiya NORITAKE and Shinichi MACHIDA 293
What can we do with the High-Pressure Neutron Diffractometer PLANET? Takanori HATTORI, Asami SANO-FURUKAWA, Shinichi MACHIDA, Jun ABE, Ken-ichi FUNAKOSHI and Nobuo OKAZAKI 301
Quantitative Analysis of Hydrogen Site and Occupancy in a Deep-Earth Hydrous Mineral by Time-of-Flight Single Crystal Laue Neutron Diffraction Takuo OKUCHI, Narangoo PUREVJAV and Naotaka TOMIOKA 309
Crystallography Forum
In Memoriam of Professor Yasushi KAIi1943-2017j Tsuyoshi INOUE 316
In Memoriam of Professor Mie TAKAGIi1919-2017j Tomitake TSUKIHARA 318
Meta Magnetism, Kadowaki Woods Plots Masaichiro MIZUMAKI 320
Dual Space Methods, Sohncke Groups, Patterson Superposition Minimum Function, Direct Methods, Phase Problem Shigeru OHBA
Ice Rules, Graph Theory, Euler Circuit, Landau Theory of Second Order Phase Transitions Kazuki KOMATSU
CrSJ News 322