Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan

Volume 59 (5), 2017.
-Table of Contents-
Current Topics in Crystallography
Contributions of Philip Coppens to Chemical Crystallography Yoshiki OZAWA 201
Time-Resolved Crystal Structure Analysis of Piezoelectric Oscillators by X-ray Diffraction Under Alternating Electric Field Shinobu AOYAGI 203
Dynamics of Inhomogeneity in BaTiO3 Shinya TSUKADA and Yasuhiro FUJII 205
Automated Data Processing System for Microcrystals Keitaro YAMASHITA 207
Introduction to Symmetry and Group Theory
4. Subgroups of Point and Space Groups Massimo NESPOLO 210
Review Articles
Crystal Chemistry of New Layered Oxyhalide Perovskites with Anion Order Yoshihiro TSUJIMOTO 223
Visualization of Structures and Li-Ion Conduction Pathways in the Li2S-P2S5 System Using Neutron Scattering Kazuhiro MORI, Masao YONEMURA and Toshiharu FUKUNAGA 230
Feature Article
Influence of Lattice Dynamics on Electronic Properties in Rare-Earth Filled-Skutterudites|Phonon Science in Filled-Skutterudites Satoshi TSUTSUI 238
Atomic-Scale Structural Analysis of Metal/Nitride Interfaces Using Advanced Atomic-Resolution Analytical Electron Microscopy Akihito KUMAMOTO, Naoya SHIBATA, Tetsuya TOHEI and Yuichi IKUHARA 246
Crystallography Forum
IUCr 2017 Reports 252
X-ray Emission Spectroscopy Yoshihiro TSUJIMOTO 257
Inelastic X-ray Scattering, Electron-Phonon Interaction, Heavy FermioniElectronjBehavior Satoshi TSUTSUI
Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy - Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Akihito KUMAMOTO and Naoya SHIBATA
CrSJ News 259
Erratum: Alteration of a Crystallographic Term from [Shahoushoukei] to [Chokuhoushoukei] 258